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Creative coaching for Fitness Professionals and Coaches. I love fitness professionals, I love personal trainers and I'll tell you why. It's a generous offering. When you consider the lifestyles and challenges many people experience the facility for them to be educated, trained, coached and motivated by people like us is an incredible resource.

As a group we embody and represent certain traits, qualities and "selves." We are positive without fault, we embrace change, transformation and challenge as our daily sustenance. We provide hours of service that border on sacrificial and we hold our ground supplying this space day in day out year round.

How we manage this giving, how we engage with our own process and development, how we create the necessary levels of self care and self regulation are critical to our continued ability to be the person we need to be and that's the area I specialise in.

ProCoach, for me has two key motivators. Firstly, its an industry offering. I've been in the industry in one manifestation or another, successfully, for twenty years. I've taught, lectured, mentored and coached many people who all have this mission, this vision, to "help" people achieve a healthier more awesome life. I want to give back.

The second key motivator is coaching. I love coaching, I love the premise that by combining perspectives and entering into mutual respect, trust and honesty, a conversation and what ensues can elevate and crystallise someone's performance, view and offering.

My service speaks to Fitness Professionals who want to explore, develop and clarify their offering, take it to the next level. I'm all about finding the resonant and shiny new compelling vision that you want to embody and deliver.

I use an integrated approach including writing, that aims to capture and expand upon your current experience and your previous patterns of thinking, behaving and understanding.

I work with people on direction, confidence, imagination, creativity, assertiveness, expression and what I call "energetic signature," your unique combination of traits that differentiates you and makes you compelling.

I work over Skype, phone, or face to face and I can work with individuals or groups of up to five in a creative, dynamic and safe way to help you fully express your most generous offering.