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Each session is a catalyst for further deeper work in your stated area of development and exploration.

By making using of several connected models we can co-create a framework that allows new experience, detail and learning to occur.

Understanding is not the same as solutions and answers yet it can include both. Coaching ultimately leads to broader perspectives and more options physically, mentally, emotionally and often helps foster deeper personal meaning in our experiences.

Coaching allows an ongoing ability to "clear" and process unfinished cycles of thinking and feeling leaving us fresher, less stressed and more resourceful.

As a coach I needn't be an expert in your field however I do need to be able to empathise and relate to your experience, becoming clear as to the challenges you face and how you deal with them.

The view in, view of and view from perspectives are often hard to maintain and sometimes friends and colleagues are invested in situations in such a way that bias and clarity are hard to balance.

Coaching endeavours to keep a series of clean and powerful interventions to broaden these views so we can find our best fit, our most effective action.

As a client, learning to be "coached" is equally as important. Discovering our resistances and our more shadowy tendencies to divert, ignore and brush over key facts, feelings and thoughts can be enlightening and freeing. These are most often encountered in the spirit of fun and laughter.