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FitProse is my offering to Fitness Professionals wanting creative writing for their websites, blogs, blurbs, leaflets or T-Shirts! I'd like to work with you creatively through an exploratory process to extract the key words and resonant phrases that impart your core, key message to your audience.

I've suffered the ignominy of torturous attempts at self expression towards a website, Ive experienced the mental overload with a mind rammed full of jargon, technicalities and protocols to such a degree that I almost can't write about myself and I've experienced the challenge of trying to sound different without losing my integrity and message.

So, I've successfully helped a growing band of awesome trainers and educators create convincing, clean and congruent copy for their businesses. It's a process I'm highly motivated to engage with and it's a no-risk offering as you get to experience both a conversation and a trial piece before committing.

Part of my service is also creating vision, mission, creed and tribe messages and slogans, I'll work with you to co-create a mnemonic, resonant, powerful passage or message that encapsulates what you're all about, where your passion lies and who you want to appeal to.

Fees range according to the scope, length and duration of your project. An initial free conversation allows you to fully brief me on what you need and if we are a team worth creating.