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Movement Coaching

Moving well is a gift and being able to express our selves physically doing our favourite sports, art and pastimes is fundamentally important to a balanced healthy life. Learning to move well results in us looking good too!

Our bodies represent our history, heritage, our story and our current experience, so engaging with moving well is a holistic (all of us) endeavour that has multiple benefits and holds true whether I’m working with an elite athlete or a busy Mum.

Finding a way to improve, enhance and develop our ability to move well, generate strength, power, speed to meet our needs takes a skilful approach that can account for injury, operations, pain and lifestyle.

I make the distinction between exercise and movement because movement covers a broader range of activity from daily living to high-end performance. When we include all of us in our movement we become more fluid, more powerful and more competent.

Learn how to maximise relaxation, tension, breathing, position, intent and focus to create the movement you need to succeed.

Each Month Includes:

3 hours of coaching
Extensive follow up notes
Personal Active Experiments (PACE)
Metabolic Typing Eating Plan
Personalised Movement/Energy Plan
Website access
Bi Monthly Blog
Email Motivation
Unlimited email/phone support