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I liken the coaching process to a container, a container that allows a person, or a group to “get inside” their process and extract as much sense, information and insight as possible. The session is designed to facilitate new insight, understanding, energy and action towards what you would describe as “the next level.”

I use the metaphor of a journey, a deep dive, into the inner landscape and background that is “driving” our behaviours, patterns and sense of position. Facilitating you through a bespoke process I use several techniques along the way to help you uncover and extract what you need and perhaps where you are getting waylaid, distracted or stuck, these can include:

The sessions are very creative, very focussed, well paced, safe and interesting. They are not diagnostic or analytical, rather experiential, leaving you with more of yourself available towards your stated goal. They are also reasonably intense and challenging, particularly when we experience resistances and “blocks.” The sessions are not forced, allowing you to try new mediums to address challenges and create new perspectives.

I work in an integral fashion, so there will be input for you across a broad range of practices including physical and nutritional.

The process takes you from abstract concepts through to a solid, practical process that you can make keen use of after the session and this is supported with follow up contact.

I trained with Human Technics, passing their accreditation, which is recognised at Masters Level by UWE University. I chose their course as it used an integrated, eclectic and flexible four-step model that suited both my values and my personality!